Telles creates an independent environment and climate change team

Posted lundi, janvier 24 2022
Telles creates an independent environment and climate change team

Portuguese law firm Telles has announced that it is creating a separate, independent Environment and Climate Change practice, to be headed by partner Ivone Rocha.

Telles boasts significant expertise in a range of sectors such as water, waste, the carbon market and climate mitigation.

Miguel Torres, Telles’ Managing Partner, said that the new practice represents another step in the firm’s specialization strategy to focus on sectors and is the result of the firm’s considerable experience in providing legal support to key industry players on complex projects across multiple jurisdictions.

According to Rocha, environmental and climate issues require contractual adjustments and new impact analyses in due diligence, requiring a background in and an integrated vision of each industry. The new practice will be focused on anticipating risks, developing innovative solutions to future challenges, and providing quick and efficient answers to issues as they arise.

The new team will consist of Rui Ferreira de Almeida, Rodrigo Pinto Guimarães, Gonçalo Magro da Luzm and Flávia Sampaio.