Swiss Medical Group Holding acquires CoreMedica Europe

CoreMedica Europe, Swiss company known for selling home Covid tests, has been sold to Swiss Medical Group.

Posted Monday, September 28th 2020
Swiss Medical Group Holding acquires CoreMedica Europe

Swiss Medical Group (SMG) Holding Luxembourg a company leading the development of Starks Age Management in Europe and Asia, has announced the takeover of CoreMedica Europe. 

CoreMedica Europe recently made headlines in Switzerland for combining a Covid-19 screening test and a full immunity profile with a home self-collection kit to enable customers to collect a blood sample at home for coronavirus diagnosis.  

SMG will take charge of CoreMedica Europe’s operations in Geneva. This includes the team and all associated patents, algorithms and other intellectual property held by CoreMedica Europe. What’s more, SMG has negotiated an exclusive distribution agreement in North America with CoreMedica Laboratories, a CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory based in the US. 

Switzerland based CoreMedica Europe specializes mass spectrometry equipment, which identifies a patient’s nutritional profile, using dried blood. The company also focuses on the analysis of a range of biomarkers and offers personalized recommendations, using patented technology in areas such as immunity, nutrition, sports and anti-aging.   

Swiss Medical Group Holding invests in the development of companies and clinics in the health sector, including Starks Age Management, and offers a one-stop-shop solution in  age management, including hair, aesthetics, orthopedics, blood tests, digital analysis and health maintenance recommendations, as well as the distribution of well-being or anti-aging products, protocols and therapies.  





Edited by Ramata Diallo