Stampa: “Spain has a privileged geographical location.”

Gonzalo Stampa discusses which sectors are seeing an increase in arbitration proceedings and what has been driving Spain’s improved reputation as an arbitration jurisdiction.

Posted Wednesday, June 1st 2022
Stampa: “Spain has a privileged geographical location.”

LL: Are you seeing an increase in arbitration being driven by the spike in energy prices?

Stampa: Not yet, but it will surface sooner rather than later, due to the increase in associated costs in the global market. This unexpected increase will generate a lot of disputes related to these transactions.

What sectors are seeing the most arbitration lately?

EPC construction and engineering.

Why has Spain becoming increasingly important for you from a strategic perspective?

Spain has a privileged geographical location. It is the entrance gate to Europe, and this is attractive. It has made a lot of progress, but it still needs to keep improving towards excellence. We need to believe a bit more in our capacities and advantages.

Spain’s reputation as a reliable Western jurisdiction has improved in recent years. What’s been the cause of that, in your opinion?

There are many factors: good practitioners, multinational projects involving Spanish companies, a good arbitration act. With a bit more of effort and intelligent creativity, Spain could consolidate some of its cities as arbitral seats of reference in certain niches. It might be useful to play a little bit with numbers and become aware of the significant income that a good organization of satellite questions to an arbitration could generate. It is a matter of having entrepreneurial minds on board, with sufficient leadership. If you find some, please let me know!