Riccardo Agostinelli and three other partners join Molinari e Associati

The firm is changing its name to Molinari Agostinelli.

Posted Thursday, June 17th 2021
Riccardo Agostinelli and three other partners join Molinari e Associati

Clockwise from top: Agostinelli, Taurozzi, Migliarucci, Leonardi

In a major move in the Italian legal market, banking and finance expert Riccardo Agostinelli is leaving the prominent law firm that bears his name – Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli, Partners – to join Molinari e Associati. The firm he is leaving has reverted its name to Gattai, Minoli, Partners, while the firm he has just joined will now be known as Molinari Agostinelli.

Having long been an M&A powerhouse with a strong line in finance, Molinari Agostinelli will now have truly redoubtable capabilities in both finance and restructuring. Riccardo Agostinelli brings with him two other partners from Gattai, Minoli, Partners: Marco Leonardi and Andrea Taurozzi, both banking and finance experts with deep experience of debt restructuring.

Leonardi and Taurozzi will be salary partners, while Agostinelli joins as an equity partner. Daniele Migliarucci, formerly counsel at Gattai, is also joining as a salary partner with expertise in banking, finance and insolvency. The arrivals bring Molinari Agostinelli’s total partner count to 16, split equally between equity partners and salary partners.

Cultural fit is one of the key considerations when partners join firms; in this case, the fact that four senior lawyers from one team are arriving together will add cohesion, with the longstanding bonds between them bringing their own synergies. Indeed, the four lawyers were not only together at Gattai – they had joined Gattai in 2014 from Latham & Watkins, where they had each spent several years.

The senior team arrives with two associates – Giorgia Gentilini and Alessandro Pallavicini – and trainee Cristina Cupolo.

Meanwhile, at Gattai, Minoli, Partners, the banking and finance team is led by Gaetano Carrello, Lorenzo Vernetti, structured finance expert Emanuela Campari Bernacchi, project finance specialist Nicola Gaglione, and securitization whiz Valentina Lattanzi. Carrello and Vernetti will also handle restructuring and insolvency work, alongside litigator Sergio Fulco. Both departments have been significantly weakened; their partners are highly reputed, though the teams’ ability to service market-leading clients has undoubtedly been diminished by their reduced benches.