Post-Covid: cybersecurity among top priorities for Swiss companies

The Covid-19 pandemic has created new security challenges for Swiss companies.

Posted Wednesday, September 30th 2020
Post-Covid: cybersecurity among top priorities for Swiss companies

Swiss companies are continuously exposed to new cyber threats, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. As stated by the ISG Provider Lens Cyber Security – Solutions & Services 2020 report, they are increasingly relying on service providers to keep their IT security systems updated and to train users about security risks. What’s more there’s also been a rise in demand for managed security services among Swiss enterprises. Fears over the quality of existing protection, the increasing number of breaches and the constant change in the type of attacks is driving this demand.  

The concern is justified, according to the Forum’s Covid-19 Risks Outlook: Its preliminary findings concluded that cyberattacks and data fraud were the most likely technological risks because of Covid-19, given the increased use of home offices and new external connections from employees and were of greatest concern overall owing to abrupt adoption of new working patterns.  

At a time when organisations are operating under conditions and where new working patterns have been established, cyber security and data protection have become increasingly important practices for law firms. Today more than ever companies will need assistance with the process they have to go through in order to avoid cyber-attacks and comply with applicable laws in the hyper-connected world we live in.  For that reason, the Swiss Federal Council has adopted the Ordinance on Protecting against Cyber Risks on May 2020.

This move was the next step in a series of measure taken by the Federal Council to protect Switzerland against cyber risks and along with the adoption of the OPC, the Federal Council plans to create 20 additional positions in the respective offices handling cyber risk protection.  





Written by Ramata Diallo