Number 5. Nigel Farage

“Brexit has to take place on the 31st of October, with or without a deal.” It was with this phrase that Nigel Farage, fresh from his Brexit Party’s victory in the European elections, affirmed his unwavering belief that the UK must leave the EU. It is a conviction that slightly over half of the British people shared, when they voted for Brexit three years ago. While Farage has come to international prominence only in the last handful of years, he has long been a thorn in the side of the governments in London and Brussels. A European deputy since 1999, he co-founded the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) in 1993 and had two stints as its leader. The Eurosceptic party made waves in the European elections of 2014, earning over 27% of the UK vote. Frustrated with what he saw as the Conservative party’s dithering over Brexit, he left UKIP and formed the Brexit Party in December 2018. “We voted to leave, and I thought our politicians would deliver. Well, they haven’t. So you know what, we’re back and we’ll fight them again,” addressing Brexiteers at a rally in Bolton. Farage, who styles himself as a close friend of Donald Trump, took to Twitter ahead of the president’s recent state visit to the UK declaring “It’s obvious that Donald Trump wants Brexit to happen. He is a true friend of Great Britain.”


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