Age: 61


Years at current company: 14


Industry: Software


Turnover: $3.8bn


Rate of growth:  43.5% since 2014


To assure Dassault’s continual growth Bernard Charles has bet on diversifying the client base. Long content to stay in the confines of the aviation and transport sectors, the group has managed to branch out with success in recent years to an array of industries including high tech and pharmaceutical research. Drawing on its flight simulator technology, Dassault has come up with an advanced manufacturing and development platform entitled 3DExperience with which it hopes to attract new clients. “We want to do for product development what Amazon has done for product distribution,” stresses Charles, whose group is set to break the break the $4bn turnover barrier in 2019. 


Notable success: With a market valuation of $36bn in July 2018, the group is poised to break into the CAC 40 index of best performing French companies.   

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A lack of a long-term strategy is a good indication of a company that lacks ambition, and this is often a fatal flaw. For our first ever Top 100 Executives list, Leaders League took the conscious decision to highlight those executives who, without losing sight of the present, have been able to envisage the future. It’s notoriously difficult to find a way for these two temporalities to coexist in today’s fast-paced digital world, but all those on our list have outstanding leadership abilities, iron determination and, of course, The Vision Thing.
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