Niubox becomes a BIC company

Peruvian firm Niubox has officially become a Benefit and Collective Interest Company (BIC).

Posted Thursday, October 21st 2021
Niubox becomes a BIC company


Joining the growing number of purpose-driven companies seeking to redefine the way business is done in a sustainable, conscious and inclusive way globally, Niubox Legal Digital has announced the culmination of  the legal process to become a BIC company.

"Becoming a BIC company reaffirms the purpose with which we were born in 2018 one that is supported by a culture and values that we enhance daily, whose central objective is to transcend the mere profitability of our business and generate a positive impact on society that allows us to develop our economic activity," said the firm.

In order to become a BIC company, the firm had to redefine its corporate purpose, defining its BIC purpose in three key axes: digital transformation, diversity and inclusion and care for the environment. "This will lead us to execute an action plan with real measures that will be audited by third parties, one that will allow us to make a concrete and positive impact on society," the firm indicated.

"It is uncommon to speak in the legal sector of a focus on purpose and social impact, however, it seems necessary to urge legal professionals to embrace a common vision as a sector that transcends profitability and focuses on the vocation of service and social impact that we can generate together," said Oscar Montezuma, Executive Director of Niubox for Peru and Ecuador.

Niubox  is inspired by the principles of "New Law". Its professionals have extensive experience in privacy, technology, competition, public and regulatory affairs and legal innovation. It has strategically located offices in Peru and Ecuador.