New Law Firm Launched in Peru

Sumar & Sanchez Abogados opened its doors this month and it consists of a partnership between the two founding partners: Oscar Sumar and Edward Sanchez, whose last names baptized the firm.

Posted Monday, June 26th 2017
New Law Firm Launched in Peru

The Peruvian law market has a new firm specialized in intellectual property, consumer law, data protection, barriers to commerce and white-collar crime defense -- Sumar & Sanchez Abogados


Oscar Sumar has experience in various fronts of the legal world. He is the author of three books and works as a professor in the academia. He has a master and doctoral degree from University of California at Berkeley. He will lead a team that includes Thalia Zuniga, who is specialized in data protection, consumer law, pharmaceutical and intellectual property, who is a former associate in Pierola & Associados.


The other founding partner is Edward Sanchez, who has experience as a litigator, criminal defense and advising companies. He started his professional life in two firms: Ore Guardi Abogados and Rodrigo, Elias & Medrano, where he gained experience. He will lead a team including Mery Alonzo, who also is specialized in litigation and criminal law.


According to a press release issued by the firm, it will “combine the rigor of the academic world, with the pragmatic view of complex legal matters. The goal of the firm is to become a partner of the ventures of their clients, mitigating risks and solving problems at the minimum cost.”


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