Meet Transactions, the first platform to digitize counterparty search

Collaboration has launched Transactions after 3 years of development.

Posted Monday, September 21st 2020
Meet Transactions, the first platform to digitize counterparty search

The identification of suitable M&A targets or investment opportunities has long been largely based on personal networks. No more. After 3 years of software development Jean Yves Dhenanin has created Transactions, a software package which automates the identification of the counterparties sought, both by opening up to all M&A professionals  (companies, investment funds, banks and investment banks, law firms, accounting firms) and by integrating all relevant existing companies into its proposals thanks to machine learning.  

For each position, the solution presents the counterparties who have explicitly expressed their interest in the operation, the counterparties corresponding to the criteria, and companies identified by our algorithms deemed potentially interested in the operation.    

Founder Jean Yves Dhenanin, stated: “The various players in M&A are currently losing time and growth opportunities because they are not using the right tools. Transactions is an intelligent platform centralizing the positions of all M&A players. The traction is very strong: even before the official launch we already had over 10,000 buy and sell positions, and we had to create a waiting list to gradually invite all interested companies.”  

Jean Yves create his company, Collaboration Capital in 2017 with the goal of promoting the development of companies through a “community platform”. Today his firm, cofounded alongside his wife, employs 40 people in 4 countries. 





Edited by Ramata Diallo