María Burgos and Marta del Coto: "We are a boutique headhunting firm, exclusively focused on legal and tax profiles"

María Burgos and Marta del Coto, senior consultants at Iterlegis Legal Staffing Solutions in Spain, discuss the importance of having a legal background to better serve their clients.

Posted Monday, April 19th 2021
María Burgos and Marta del Coto: "We are a boutique headhunting firm, exclusively focused on legal and tax profiles"

Leaders league: Where have you seen the most movement in job positions due to the crisis?
Marta del Coto: It is said that lawyers, in one way or another, are always needed; both in downturn and growth situations. The pandemic has not been any different. The areas that have experienced the greatest growth or demand during the first year of these health and economic crises have been mainly labor law, restructuring and insolvency, financial law, and disputes. We foresee that lawyers specialized in those areas will continue to be very active. As the economy starts its reactivation, those who specialize in M&A or real estate, which have been practically frozen during the last year due to the lack of investment activity, will also see an increase in activity.

Is it necessary for legal recruiters to have a legal background? 
Marta del Coto: There are those in the headhunting market who carry out search and selection of legal and tax profiles without having either legal education or experience in the legal marketplace, so a legal background is not a sine qua non condition. One of the main elements that differentiate Iterlegis and the Vialegis group in general from other headhunters is precisely that we have legal backgrounds. We are a boutique headhunting firm focused exclusively on the search for and selection of legal and tax profiles.


‘‘It is very important that lawyers work on their personal brand’’


All our consultants are lawyers, most of them with experience in law firms as well as in in-house positions. This first-hand knowledge makes us a preferred advisor for the marketplace, since we truly understand the needs of our clients – i.e. law firms and companies – and of our candidates.

What is the evolution that you have seen in the legal sector?
María Burgos: The legal sector has faced major challenges during the last year, especially after the national lockdown. In the first semester of 2020, the human resources departments of national and international law firms had to work hard to implement more flexible policies that permitted lawyers to provide legal support to their clients without putting their health at risk. Technology has played an essential role for such purposes; law firms have invested important resources accordingly. Currently, the location of the lawyer is not as relevant as his availability, which has resulted in a more flexible way to provide legal services.

Is it important for lawyers to work on their personal brand?
María Burgos: I believe it is very important for lawyers to work on their personal brand. At the end of the day, the relation between a lawyer and his client is based on personal confidence. A lawyer may work for a well-reputed national or international law firm, but a client will only choose that lawyer or that firm if he trusts the team members.
It is necessary for associates to work on their personal brand right from the start of their career; this becomes even more relevant when they reach senior positions.