Luxembourg based BSP (Bonn Steichen & Partners) launchs Nordic Desk

In hope of attracting key Nordic finance industry players, BSP (Bonn Steichen & Partners) has opened a dedicated Nordic Desk, headed by Isabel Høg-Jensen.

Posted lundi, octobre 12 2020
Luxembourg based  BSP (Bonn Steichen & Partners) launchs Nordic Desk

Høg-Jensen’s team is composed of  BSP (Bonn Steichen & Partners) lawyers with a deep understanding of the Nordic markets, the constraints applicable to Nordic financial institutions and a deep understanding of Luxembourg stakeholders.  

The Nordic Desk team have strong experience in advising fund promoters/initiators on selecting the appropriate fund structure be it alternative fund vehicles, undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities or unregulated vehicles. What’s more the team is also able to advice on diverse regulatory matters including ESG regulatory framework. For the Nordic countries, Luxembourg provides a point of access to the European market, with its 500 million potential consumers.   





Edited by Ramata Diallo