Javier Íscar discusses greener arbitration, the theme behind this year’s Open.

Posted Thursday, September 23rd 2021
Javier Íscar discusses greener arbitration, the theme behind this year’s Open.

The seventh Arbitration Open returns to a face-to-face format this year on October 6 and 7. The theme of this year’s Open is green arbitration, highlighting sustainability and the environment. In line with this year’s theme, the Open will be held at the Green Patio, a new event space in Madrid. Leaders League spoke with Javier Íscar, managing partner of Íscar Arbitraje and president of the European Association of Arbitration, about the theme this year.


Leaders League: What was the inspiration behind the theme for this year’s Open?

The Open has to be aligned with sustainability and commited to the environment. We believe that our conferences should not only be high quality, but also address current issues and include first-class speakers. In addition, the Arbitration Open wants to send a message that arbitration can contribute to sustainability and the environment.

That's why we signed the Greener Arbitrations pledge, why we chose the Green Patio as a venue, and why green is the color of this year's Open. Is there a greater source of inspiration than trying to reflect on climate change and the need to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint?


How does the Open de Arbitraje bring value? 

Is it possible to offer a quality Arbitration Congress that is also entertaining, dynamic and fun? The answer is yes. The Arbitration Open has achieved this at each of our six previous events and we hope to be able to do it again with the seventh. Bringing together great speakers in a creative and different format allows you to share more than knowledge. It allows you to feel part of the event.


How is it different from other events?

We try to put ourselves in the minds of the participants, whether they are speakers or attendees. That is why I think this is an event in which attendees feel involved and can interact with each other and with speakers, making it more dynamic, creative and alive.

The large number of in-house counsels indicates that those who are involved in arbitration feel heard. The growing number of attendees is a sign of how important it is to listen to those who want to participate. This year we have 35 sponsors, a sign of that commitment

The panels and surprises during the Open make it unique. That is why each year expectations are higher than the previous one.

This is also the first year in which we have used a double format (in person and virtual) and have extended the event to two days. The search for a balance between the 250 people who will attend in person and the 1,500 who will do so online is a challenge.