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Intellectual Property and the Virtual Environment: In the Crosshairs of a new era

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On the 19th, 20th and 21st of March, the São Paulo Association of Intellectual Property (ASPI) held its annual congress themed ‘Intellectual Property and the Virtual Environment: In the Crosshairs of a new era’ at the Grand Mercure Ibirapuera Hotel in São Paulo.


President of ASPI, Marcello Nascimento, got proceedings underway by explaining this year’s theme: “[The virtual environment] is a theme which continues to be very topical, very controversial and which still has room for several discussions. As an institution, ASPI aims to be a reference point for these issues and bring the very latest developments to our audience. For example, today, I read that popular television personality, Faustão, is promoting [a debate on] ‘fake news’ on his weekly show. Although this particular occurrence isn’t relevant in itself, it illustrates the relevance of the issue which we will discuss throughout the Congress”.


Panels focused on issues related to an increasingly digitalised economy and a constantly evolving legislation such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies (‘Blockchain: From Cryptocurrencies to Intellectual Property Law’), cybercrimes (‘Cybercrimes: Fake News, Piracy and Other Offenses’) new digital markets (New Businesses in a Digital Era’), streaming (‘Streaming and Intellectual Property’), data protection (‘Personal Data Protection – Legal Impacts’) and much more.

Highly regarded legal practitioners speaking at the event included (in order of panel appearance):


Tuesday, 20th of March

Panel: ‘Intellectual Property Precedents’

Gabriel Francisco Leonardos - Kasznar Leonardos Propriedade Intelectual

José Carlos Tinoco Soares - Tinoco Soares Sociedade De Advogados

Ricardo Pernold Vieira De Mello - Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira De Mello Advogados

Panel: ‘Cybercrimes: Fake News, Piracy and Other Offenses’

Roberto Delmanto Junior - Delmanto Advocacia

Rodrigo Azevedo - Silveiro Advogados

Marcello Do Nascimento - David Do Nascimento Advogados Associados


Panel: ‘New Businesses in a Digital Era’

Letícia Provedel - Souto Correa Cesa Lummertz & Amaral Advogados


Panel: ‘Patterns and Essential Patents in the Virtual Environment’

Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta – Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira De Mello Advogados and President of ABPI (Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property)

Tânia Aoki Carneiro - Marinangelo E Aoki Advogados

Wednesday, 21st of March


Panel: ‘Streaming and Intellectual Property’

Fábio Luiz Barboza Pereira – Veirano Advogados

Nancy Satiko Caigawa - Kasznar Leonardos Propriedade Intelectual


Panel:Personal Data Protection – Legal Impacts

Claudio Roberto Barbosa - Kasznar Leonardos Propriedade Intelectual


Panel: ‘The Requirements of Inventive Activity and the Test for Creative Motivation’

Henrique Steuer I. De Mello - Dannemann, Siemsen, Bigler & Ipanema Moreira



In the opening lecture titled ‘Open Innovation and Successful Business Models in the Virtual Environment’, former president of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and Senior Director at Qualcomm Incorporated, Jorge De Paula Costa Avila, stated:


‘Open innovation is not a threat to intellectual property rights and even less of a threat to free trade and the creation of a more competitive environment. Open innovation is the convergence of different agents whose aggregated empowerment will allow for faster innovation in our markets. This model of collaboration is fundamental to industries with a more dynamic nature.


Let us consider biotechnology, information technology or communication technology. Whichever branch of these fields we take, we will not find a single example of advanced technology being developed and brought to the market using the knowledge and capabilities of one company alone.”


[The technology] we find in markets today are fruits born from the contribution of players in different sectors and different types of entities spread throughout the world.”


The event also enjoyed the presence of professionals from renowned institutions of higher learning (UNIRIO, ITS), major companies (Dafiti, Grupo Globo, Conspiração Filmes) and leading sectoral organisations (The National Institute of Intellectual Property - INPI, The Tribunal of Justice of the State of São Paulo, The São Paulo Branch of the Brazilian Bar Association – OAB/SP as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO).


Later this year, on August 17th, ASPI will celebrate its 35th anniversary as São Paulo’s leading intellectual property organisation. To mark the occasion, an event featuring some of Brazil’s leading IP names will take place at the Iate Clube de Santos. For more information, please contact


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