Excellency in Fiduciary: the full-spectrum of Luxembourg-based Fidefield

Melina Howard is FideField's managing director, a two-year-old independent corporate operational platform that implements solutions in corporate administration, accounting & tax, business & family advisory. She tells us more about its positioning in the Luxembourg market.

Posted lundi, janvier 18 2021
Excellency in Fiduciary: the full-spectrum of Luxembourg-based Fidefield

Mélina Howard, Managing Director Fidefield

“We can swiftly adapt the structuring in line with clients’ objectives"


LEADERS LEAGUE. Tell us a bit about your background and your activities at Fidefield

Melina Howard. After 17 years in the corporate world (trust & company and financial engineering), I decided it was time to offer a service better adapted to our world, one that is professional yet personal, since clients are people, not numbers. With that in mind, we set up FideField in 2018 with two partners who shared the same values as our clients – this thinking has always informed our business model. FideField helps translate advice into action: implementing clients’ requirements and their advisors’ strategy. Those services range from incorporation, accounting, tax returns, regulatory filings to dissolutions and liquidations. We also ensure that the structuring is compliant and in good standing. To help with these substantive requirements, our corporate services also include clear feedback on how the structure is managed, as well as on accounting and tax requirements. This is handled by experienced directors and employees, ensuring proper management and decision making in Luxembourg. We are able to swiftly adapt the structuring in line with clients’ objectives and the location of their assets. To us, intelligent structuring facilitates economic substance, which is a key element of structuring via Luxembourg.


What are the assets and the positioning of FideField?

We combine years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and put this at the service of clients. We are a true services platform, trusted by independent law firms. More than fiduciary services, we offer coordination at its best. One of our main assets is the ability to ensure coordination between advisors, banks, regulators, tax authorities and investors. This means that our clients can focus on their investments and growth, safe in the knowledge that their structures are well managed. In addition to providing personalized, longterm corporate assistance, FideField differentiates itself by offering a platform of services that respond to clients’ requirements. That includes a tight knit network of professionals ready to serve clients’ and advisors’ needs. Since its creation, FideField has staffed our team with trusted professionals who have a passion for what they do and are capable of building longstanding relationship with clients. Our headcount has doubled in the past two years and continues to grow. We also prioritize quick response times and are unburdened by layers of hierarchy.

‘‘Thanks to our local and international background as well as our experience, clients and their advisors benefit from a worldwide network as well as well-established local business partners’’

How did Luxembourg become such a key player for fiduciary services?

It’s like the saying goes: “Location, location, location”. The country lies at the heart of Europe, and is therefore a natural jurisdiction to look to when investing worldwide and, especially, across Europe. This country is also known for its stability and its government has strong and direct relationship with the big four, multinationals and employers, listens to the market’s needs and adapts quickly to evolving regulations. Another component of why Luxembourg? The weight of decision made in Luxembourg carries on internationally, which leaves little room for tax authorities to question. You can add to the mix a strong banking system and a strong economy able to attract brilliant minds in finance and in law: that, in a nutshell, is what defines Luxembourg. To summarize, Luxembourg is a prime jurisdiction for investors and entrepreneurs wishing to consolidate their investments into a structure to subsequently invest across Europe and worldwide. Luxembourg offers an array of solutions that can be adapted to the size of the investment and number of investors, from 1 to 100. It may be in the form a regulated or unregulated fund but also in the form of a partnership or a Soparfi (financial holding company). Structuring doesn’t need to be complex, there is a solution for every objective. FideField is here to help implement those objectives.