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Milalegal is a law firm that specializes in Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Law and Advertising Law, with a focus in the Film, Media, Entertainment, Design and Fashion sectors.

Milalegal is a law firm that specializes in Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Law and Advertising Law, with a focus in the Film, Media, Entertainment, Design and Fashion sectors.

Leaders League. What distinguishes your firm from others?

Milalegal combines the areas of industrial properties with intel­lectual property while keeping a problem-solving approach. We aim to create a new breed of lawy­ers incorporating interaction with both the community in which we serve, as well as with our stakehol­ders. Through such interaction, we seek to actively contribute to the process of establishing the applicable rules and standards of law, especially regarding new and emerging sectors.

Leaders League. In your opinion what makes a good intellectual property lawy­er?

We are convinced that passion for the work, the ability to pro-pose creative legal solutions by addressing new areas of laws and technical knowledge in specific sectors, make a good intellectual property lawyer. Being able to experiment new means of exploi­ting intangible assets from a legal standpoint, with also an excellent quality. Experience is essential. We both have more than a decade of experience working in the Intel­lectual Property Departments of major Italian and International law firms.

Leaders League. Why did you choose to found your firm?

We decided to start our new firm in order to be able to offer to our clients, a new and different approach based on simple and to the point answers while conti­nuously giving them strategic legal advice.

Leaders League. How is your team organized and what are your areas of expertise?

We both deal with the area of Intellectual Property and with the area of Industrial Property. We work closely in order to address requests with a joint approach. To achieve excellence in matters of law, a comprehensive knowledge of the subject is necessary but no longer sufficient. At Milalegal, we commit ourselves daily to seek out the most effective methods to be used by our professionals when providing legal services to our clients on the basis of the fol­lowing principles: creativity, materiality, clarity and engaging.

Leaders League. You are very active in negotiations and contract drafting: what are the specificities of your practice?

We are indeed specialized in the drafting of commercial agreements in the IP field most particularly in licensing, franchising, film making and financing, fashion and design law.

Recent deals include the drafting and negotiating of cross border licenses in the fashion sector, assis­ting National and International co-productions and financing of movies and Tv Series, participating in the formulation of self-regulatory rules in the gaming sector, assisting the Italian Furniture Association in the Implementation of IP Self-Re­gulating Guidelines, acting in anti-counterfeiting judicial procee­dings, assisting Italian Luxury brands in defending its image brand and reputation rights.

Leaders League. What are the next IP challenges?

According to us, the next challenges are undoubtedly the 3D printer, the circulation of image rights and the dynamic effects of communication on trade marks.

Leaders League. How do you keep abreast of the latest developments in IP?

We are very close with our stakehol­ders and actively participate in semi­nars and all IP initiatives.


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