Ecuador’s Robalino opens office in Machala

Ecuadorian law firm Robalino has opened a new office in the city of Machala, known as ‘the banana capital of the world’, a city in the country’s El Oro Province.

Posted Friday, May 7th 2021
Ecuador’s Robalino opens office in Machala

Machala is also an agribusiness powerhouse, also shipping exports of coffee and cocoa, and is also known for its shrimp and mining production, as well as its tourism potential.

The law and consultancy firm cited the above factors as among the reasons for its expansion to Machala, “with its 10 years of experience, track record, and professionalism, to provide legal counsel and consulting services to the capital of El Oro, making it the firm's fourth office in Ecuador, in addition to those in Quito, Guayaquil and Manta.

The firm sees opportunities for growth in supporting the province’s wide range of industrial sectors.

“We are confident in the growth of the province of El Oro and Ecuador, and have no doubt that our practice will grow hand-in-hand with this great city,” Javier Robalino Orellana, managing partner of the firm, said.

“We will offer our entire line of legal services and consulting, with the support of professionals from Machala and the 175 people who make up Robalino,” he added.

The new office will be managed by the firm's partner Ernesto Weisson Hidalgo, who will be dividing his time between Guayaquil and Machala.

“It will be an honor to head up this office, which we are confident will contribute to the city’s growth,” Weisson Hidalgo said.

“Up until now, our work in Machala has been done remotely, but the time has come to better serve our clients and the province in an ongoing and more direct manner,” he added. “We have set ourselves up for the long term because we have much to contribute to the businesses and industries of El Oro.”  

Robalino is one of the most prestigious law firms in Ecuador and is the second-largest firm in the country, providing legal and consulting services both at home and abroad, with a team of 80 lawyers and 40 consultants.