Colombia’s Pinilla, González & Prieto launches energy practice

Colombian law firm Pinilla, González & Prieto Abogados (PGP) has announced the creation of its energy practice, focusing on both renewable and non-renewable generation, and the appointment of Claudia Mora Uscátegui as partner for the new practice area within the firm.

Posted mercredi, juin 7 2023
Colombia’s Pinilla, González & Prieto launches energy practice

Claudia’s professional experience has been concentrated in the energy sector for the last 16 years, leading the legal area in companies in the hydrocarbons and mining sectors in Colombia.

In addition to her knowledge on the negotiation and drafting of proprietary contracts in the oil and gas industry, Claudia has been responsible for the administration and control of contracts signed with entities such as the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) and between state-owned Ecopetrol and counterpart entities in Africa, the United States and Paraguay.

Her track record in energy sector transactions includes the acquisition, spin-off and merger of foreign and domestic private sector companies; and international financing transactions such as the issuance of private bonds, international bank loans and the structuring of companies with assets in energy projects on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Claudia holds a law degree from Universidad de La Sabana, a diploma in legal studies from the University of London (Birkbeck College) ,and a specialization in commercial law from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

As a new partner at PGP, and thanks to her experience in the development of emission reduction programs such as the clean development mechanism for the generation of carbon bonds and their respective international trading, and in legal advice to projects related to renewable energies, Claudia will provide to local and international companies in the energy sector.

Her appointment comes at a time when the Colombian government is planning an energy transition, and she will accompany the firm's clients through the challenges and opportunities that this transition involves.

"The energy sector faces great challenges, not only in Colombia but globally; challenges from which opportunities and new businesses are born around energy and the development of traditional projects that can be potentiated. Promoting them will be my role, from a legal and commercial perspective, as a new partner of PGP," Claudia said.

PGP's energy practice will focus its services on legal and strategic support to companies in the sector and advising them in the structuring, development and execution of projects at any stage of the production and supply chain, as well as in the commercial transactions necessary for the development of such projects in Colombia and other countries, including financing, mergers and acquisitions.

Pinilla, González & Prieto is a Bogotá-based firm with more than 30 years serving local and international clients operating in multiple sectors.