CMS signs partnership with law firms in Brazil and Mozambique

CMS continues to strengthen its presence in Africa and South America with the partnerships with FAS Advogados, in Brazil, and Couto, Graça e Associados - CGA, in Mozambique

Posted lundi, octobre 2 2023
CMS signs partnership with law firms in Brazil and Mozambique

CMS has just entered the Brazilian and Mozambican markets. In the case of Brazil, CMS has signed a cooperation agreement with the Brazilian law firm Focaccia, Amaral e Lamonica Advogados (FAS Advogados). In the case of Mozambique, Couto, Graça e Associados Limitada (CGA), based in Maputo, joined CMS as a member firm. The firm will be known as “Couto, Graça e Associados – member of CMS.

With the entry of CGA and the partnership with FAS Advogados, CMS continues to strengthen its presence in Africa and South America. On the African continent, its presence already extends to Angola, Morocco, South Africa and Kenya. In Latin America, CMS is now one of the largest international firms, with a presence in five of the six main economies (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). CMS currently has offices in 44 countries and 74 cities and employs more than 5,800 lawyers.

José Luís Arnaut, managing partner of CMS Portugal, said: "We are very pleased to see two "sister countries", such as Brazil and Mozambique, join CMS. After having built up a strong presence in Angola through LBR, it is very important to see that the Portuguese-speaking world, whose economies are so important to us, is united in the CMS universe. This will be a clear added value for Portuguese, Brazilian and Mozambican clients, given the full-sevice capacity we offer."



Pedro Couto, President of CGA, said: "Our entry into CMS makes us part of an organization of law firms with international coverage. We hope to benefit from their experience, knowledge and client base with interests in Mozambique. We believe that this membership will allow us to adhere to the latest, most innovative and efficient law firm practices, thus improving the way we run our business and serve our clients."

"This is a great opportunity to cooperate with CMS," said Paulo Focaccia, managing partner of FAS Advogados. "FAS is one of the fastest growing law firms in Brazil, with offices in São Paulo, the largest city in Latin America, and Rio de Janeiro. We act as a full-service firm locally, developing legal strategies for our clients' transactions and helping them assess their challenges. With a diverse and highly skilled team, we are confident of the firm's continued growth and the synergies we will create with our clients in the Brazilian and global markets."