Chile’s CMS Carey & Allende promotes two partners

Chilean law firm CMS Carey & Allende has announced the promotion of two of its attorneys to partners, and who each head the firm’s antitrust and dispute resolution practices.

Posted Friday, February 26th 2021
Chile’s CMS Carey & Allende promotes two partners

Ignacio Errazquin, who heads the firm’s antitrust practice, has been with the firm since 2012, while Stephan Lührmann, who joined the firm in 2019 and is head of its conflict resolution practice, and since mid-2020 has been also the head of its environmental law practice.

Ignacio Errazquin is a law graduate of the Universidad de Chile and completed an LLM at Duke University in the US in 2017 and was soon after promoted to senior associate within the firm, where he has worked as an associate in the corporate team at CMS France offices, where he participated in several cross-border M&A transactions within Europe and with the US.

He also advises French companies, both in their implementation and in the development of their businesses in Chile. He now heads the firm's competition area in relation to corporate matters, advises on telecommunications and other regulated industries. He also advises on M&A, a market that, he says, is thriving, despite the pandemic.

"Some might think that there have been more opportunity purchases, in which the financial stress of a company is a primary factor when deciding, but no, because we have seen important acquisitions of strategic players in key sectors,” he says.

“At the same time, the upward trend of purely financial investments by banks and funds continues, and all with a vision of profiling themselves well in the market rather than simply taking advantage of an opportunity. I am convinced that the trend will continue and that next year will be a great year.”

"There is a flow of renewable energy projects that continue to materialize, banks are financing and 2020, for M&A purposes, has been very dynamic, contrary to what some anticipated at the beginning of the pandemic," he added.

For more than 11 years, Stephan Lührmann has worked as a lawyer in civil, commercial, administrative litigation and environmental litigation. Since joining the firm, he has been in charge of the firm's regulatory litigation practice.

He holds a law degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and during 2013 he completed an LLM at the University of California at Berkeley.

Regarding the legal market’s panorama, he says: “There is a trend that has been observed for some years now, and which is not expected to decline in the short term, and which is that CMS clients are faced with an environmental and regulatory institutional framework whose operation is bound by a legal framework.”

“The problem is that, even knowing this diagnosis, it would not be uncommon for some companies to keep their attention focused on the technical-legal aspects – undoubtedly very relevant – while neglecting precisely what this judicial area resolves and the necessary skills for an adequate representation,” he adds.

CMS Carey & Allende is part of CMS, a European law firm with a presence in 43 countries and more than 4,800 lawyers in 71 cities, and which offers specialized advice in the broadest spectrum of economic sectors, both in local markets and in multi-jurisdictional matters.