Birth of the IIA: The Italian Insurtech Association

The newly formed Italian Insurtech Association has set out to achieve the following objectives: accelerating innovation in the insurance industry through advanced technical training; sharing of technological best practices, generating synergies among members and facilitating discussion with national and international institutions.

Posted Thursday, March 26th 2020
Birth of the IIA: The Italian Insurtech Association

The association draws members from all levels of the market, including insurance companies and brokers, banks and financial intermediaries, companies specialized in enabling technologies and digital insurance marketing.

The purpose of the association is well summarized in its claim: Enabling Insurtech Ecosystems.

Law firm D'Argenio Polizzi e Associati, a legal boutique specializing in insurance, is one of the founding members of the Italian Insurtech Association.

The association, a supporter of the Italian Digital Agenda, is a member of the Global Insurtech Association, which includes representatives in 24 different countries around the world.