Biden ahead in polls as election day looms

Several polls published in the US on Sunday put Joe Biden in the lead in a number of key swing-states. But polls on the eve of the US election have been wrong before. Just ask Hillary Clinton.

Posted Monday, November 2nd 2020
Biden ahead in polls as election day looms

As the former First Lady or Al Gore can attest, winning the popular vote is not always synonymous with winning the White House. The key is to emerge victorious in enough swing states to get over the 270 electoral college vote mark.

Donald Trump and his Democratic Party rival have long since stopped campaigning in states destined to go blue (New York or California for example) or red (Kansas or Wyoming). In the final hours before the election, it’s all about winning hearts and minds in the battleground states.

And here, the Sunday papers made for depressing reading for President Trump (see infographic below), with Joe Biden ahead in the majority of them, including Arizona, where the latino vote could well prove crucial, but also in predominantly white states, such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, both of which were carried by Trump in 2016.

Few on the Democratic side are counting their chickens however, as a number of possibilities still exist, including a late surge in voting by Republicans in swing states, which could yet tip the balance in Trump’s favor.