Argentine IP firm Achával Porcario San Juan launches

Achával Porcario San Juan, an Argentine law firm specializing in intellectual property (IP), has announced its launch.

Posted Tuesday, November 23rd 2021
Argentine IP firm Achával Porcario San Juan launches

The firm says its creation obeys a need for change in the IP space, and to which it brings “a disruptive, personal, human, sustainable, and professional perspective”. 

“We offer an alternative adapted to the current times with an agile, transparent,  and efficient communication,” the firm said in a media release.

The firm’s name comprises the surnames of the three founding partners, all of whom are women with ample experience in IP, as well as “strength, passion, commitment and professionalism”. 

Co-founding partner Laura Achával is a lawyer and IP agent with more than 25 years of experience in litigation. Prior to co-founding the firm she was the head of IP Litigation Department at Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché.

Bárbara Porcario, also a co-founding partner, is a lawyer with a master's degree in business law, specializing in trademarks, and has more than 15 years of experience in the IP field. Barbara has been a senior attorney at the well known firm and has recently been elected as vice-chair of the Emerging Issues committee of the INTA - International Trademark Association.

Co-founding partner Melisa San Juan is a lawyer with more than 10 years’ experience in biotechnology and commercial law. She has held the position of legal and compliance director at a major pharmaceutical company, and has also worked in an IP law firm focused on patents and biotechnology.

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