Tavernier Tschanz

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Switzerland 11 BIS RUE TOEPFFER CH-12 GENEVA 00

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Track record:
The firm intervenes in a wide array of banking & finance cases. Phidias Ferrari focuses on M&A deals regarding banks and handles contractual, regulatory and employment law matters. Vaïk Muller handles the regulatory side for investment funds, banking products and banking and financial authorities. Jacques Bonvin, Phidias Ferarri and Andrea Werzner are adept at setting up securities and mission bonds.
Team and differentiation:
The firm has habitually focused on corporate – M&A, banking & finance and arbitration – and has gradually added tax to their list of expertise. The integrated law firm comprises 8 partners with 3 in M&A, 4 in arbitration and litigation and 1 in tax. Two of its lawyers are also university professors. The firm is praised for its academic excellence and all partners remain hands-on throughout cases.
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