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Since our establishment in 1992, we have been dedicated to providing corporate law services with a focus on results, seeking excellence through a client-driven approach in tandem with our always-primed attitude.

From our modern headquarters in the heart city of São Paulo, Latin America’s financial center, we operate across the domestic territory, and abroad through accredited representatives, attending to the sophisticated challenges faced by clients who hold stakes in different regions.

Our Drive

Our purpose is to develop and present more efficient and creative solutions to our client’s legal needs, regardless of the complexity involved.

Our Team

Rising to the challenge of constant evolution, we are a team of experienced polyglot lawyers regularly engaged in refresher courses and academic research to temper our highly grounded practice. In the course of our journey we have amassed several individual and collective awards in all of our fields of operation, recognizing our professionals and our office as one of the “most praised” and “most admired” in Brazil.


Agribusiness and agro-industry
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Dispute Systems Design (DSD)
Bankruptcy and debt restructuring
Biotechnology and biomedicine
Civil litigation
Commercial contracts, including under the CISG
Construction and infrastructure
Distribution systems and supply chains
Energy and natural resources
Pre-litigation support and risk assessment
Uniformization of multinational operations


Eduardo de Albuquerque Parente Partner
Erik Guedes Navrocky Partner
Sérgio Ricardo Nutti Marangoni Partner
Wilson Pinheiro Jabur Partner

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