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Welcome to RCF – Protecting Innovation S.A. is a company which has been rendering industrial property services since 1929.

RCF– Protecting Innovation, S.A. is a leading IP Firm in Portugal, with more than 90 years old of activity and a total of 41 employees, RCF PI is one of the largest, oldest and most prestigious IP Law Firms operating in Portugal, with a strong international component and a reference partner for IP matters in Portugal.

We are also represented in Angola, Cape Verde Islands, Macao, Mozambique, São Tomé and Principe and East Timor.


Specialized Surveillance
Technical Analysis
Technical Translations
Trademark searches
Analysis and follow-up of R&D
Support for internationalization
Searches of the state of art in Technological related Rights and Distinctive Trade Signs Rights
Management, maintenance and monitoring of portfolios, trademarks and designs
Representation (preparation of applications and prosecution) near the relevant Institutes:

INPI – PT, EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Institute, EPO – European Patent Office, WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization and with the local Register Offices in countries considered relevant, in particular, Portugal, Macau, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe and cautionary notices in East Timor.

Analysis (including “freedom to operate”, patentability and validity opinions) and technical and strategic follow-up.


Patricia Rodrigues Trademarks Department Head
Pedro Alves Moreira Trademarks Department
Cláudia Amorim Trademarks Department
Elsa Canhao Trademarks Department Head
Jorge Faustino Patents and Design Department Head
João Jorge Member of the Board, COO
António Trigueiros de Aragão Member of the Board, CEO

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