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As a global firm, we understand that innovation and technology are valuable assets that help our clients meet the constant market demands. In an increasingly competitive business environment, you can count on Dentons Paz Horowitz’s Intellectual Property and Technology team to deliver innovative, practical, and cost-effective legal services that will give your business a competitive edge.

As our client’s strategic partners, we focus on protecting your investments, whether it’s a new tech device, software, product, formula, brand, etc. Our Intellectual Property area is famous for its creative legal and consulting work, including the first sound brand registration in South America, the first recognition of an Ecuadorian Denomination of Origin, the first registration in the world of a Tactile Trademark, and the use of new criminal procedures in enforcing IP rights against pirates and counterfeiters.

To provide an outstanding experience to our clients, we offer an integral legal approach strategy to deliver the best solutions tailored to your business priorities and needs. Our service portfolio includes legal advice on innovation, patents, and technology transfer; software, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and data protection; trademark applications and trademark rights; as well as recognizing, protecting, and negotiating IP assets.

We are the first legal firm in the region that has an area focused on delivering innovation and technology transfer solutions services to help companies, universities, and entrepreneurs add value to their research and products. The area specializes in advising and supporting organizations to develop products with high added value using cutting-edge technology.

Our Intellectual Property team has received international recognition as a leader in the field. This success stems from our meticulous involvement in registration processes and litigation, creative dispute resolution strategies, and clear communication with our clients.

In this regard, Byron Robayo, who leads Dentons Paz Horowitz’s IP team, has advised the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Ecuadorian IP Office; and our IP&T professionals lecture, publish and take part on Intellectual Property related organizations and committees.



Our key services:

  • Due Diligence, audits, and management of intellectual property assets.
  • Data protection and trade secrets.
  • Structuring, design, and training in franchises.
  • Licensing agreements.
  • Drafting of management and technology transfer agreements.
  • Legal Branding (working directly with marketing and design groups within the client companies to develop strong trademarks).
  • Negotiation of IP assets with some jurisdictions.
  • Analysis of patentability requirements.
  • Patent drafting and innovation analysis.
  • State of the art search.
  • Research analysis to lead to patent generation.
  • Mentoring intellectual property issues.
  • Feasibility analysis of innovations.
  • Analysis of software protection, licenses, and data privacy in digital markets.
  • Advice on the launch of technological products/services in the country.
  • Advice on FinTech services.


Byron Robayo Partner
Bruce Horowitz Partner
Mónica Cortez IP Coordinator
Lorena Sandoval Associate
Verónica Chiriboga Associate
Sofía Cárdenas Associate
Mario Cedeño Associate

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