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We have been increasingly involved in arbitration cases. Our department is distinguished for its capacity of managing the client’s interest in the best possible way, always with a realistic risk assessment. We have a small but efficient structure, which gets the involvement of the client in defining the strategy of the cases under our responsibility. Our professionals have a solid formation and expertise; most of them have dedicated efforts in academic specialization, in post-graduation and master degree courses in first-rank universities in Brazil and abroad. Our Arbitration team counts on the experience of our senior partners, each of them very respected and well recognized in their respective areas of expertise. We are very proud of the international recognition of our arbitration practice.

  • Practice before local and international arbitration chambers
  • Practice as arbitrators
  • Practice as counselors
  • Preparatory assistance and follow-up on measures to initiate arbitration (prelitigation)
  • Consulting and preparation of legal opinions in arbitration procedural matters


Founded in 1995, the law firm Marques Rosado, Toledo Cesar & Car-mona Advogados has been achieving excellent results in view of its model of work, based on the main principle of direct contact between the client and a skilled team of professionals in charge of performing the work. For the past 25 years this has proven itself to be successful. Our model allows us to have a deep knowledge of the needs of our clients, thus guaranteeing a better and more efficient assistance. The long lasting relationship we have had with our clients evidences the quality of our legal practice.We provide legal assistance in varied types of transactions, by joining the legal structure with the business conditions most favorable to the clients, all with a primarily practical focus, in order to comprehend the client culture and field of operation. We have been able to offer innovative and distinguished solutions. We act with agility, quality and an optimal cost-benefit (professional services of high quality at competitive prices). With this multidisciplinary team, our structure enables us to assist clients of all sizes, from individuals to multinational companies, always with the same quality standards.

  • Arbitration and Civil and Commercial Litigation
  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Foreign Investment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate
  • Reorganization (Corporate Restructuring and Family Planning)
  • Tax (Consultancy, Tax Planning and Litigation)


Carlos Alberto Carmona Partner
Maria do Céu Marques Rosado Partner
Silvio Luiz de Toledo Cesar Partner
José Augusto Bitencourt Machado Filho Partner
Denis Giamondo Gierse Partner

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