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Iokoi Advogados is a traditional White-Collar Crime boutique based in Brazil. For fourteen years, IOKOI ADVOGADOS has stood out for carefully providing legal services in the Corporate Criminal field, for preparing the best defense strategies for its clients, and for defending high complexity cases. Since its foundation, in 2006, the firm set out to provide its clients with bespoke services, focusing on results and resource maximization.

Service innovation and a team composed of 24 highly-qualified lawyers are some of the firm’s unique selling points. It strives to understand and deliver solutions to the new needs of national and multinational companies legal departments that compose their portfolio.

Located in São Paulo, the law firm has a modern structure and smart working methodology, which is reflected in the technical quality of the advice provided and results achieved. As a major differential, the firm provides its clients with a 24/7 service channel and a network of more than 250 certified lawyers at their disposal. These are unique advantages that no other law firm offers in Brazil. The team personally follows up cases throughout Brazil.

Three pillars underlie the firm’s existence: efficiency, nurturing a relationship of trust and partnership with its clients, and talent training and retention. With respect to its staff, the firm has an in-house program to include the team members in the best specialization and graduate programs in the country. Thus, we are increasingly growing as a strong and trustworthy law firm, operating both nationally and internationally, with the best qualified lawyers covering corporate crime in Brazil.


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Pedro Ivo Gricoli Iokoi Managing Partner

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