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FK Economics always meets the highest standards of rigor, transparency and robustness in the construction and defense of the arguments under discussion. Our multidisciplinary expertise, standard of work and experience make FK Economics the ideal partner for pragmatic and tangible analysis and results, making the difference in a trial or arbitration.

We add value by collaborating closely with lawyers/arbitrators, understanding the challenge as a whole, but without losing our independence and impartiality. We accompany the growing specialization of arbitration and litigation with innovative perspectives, anticipating trends and following the highest international standards.

In more than 10 years we have worked with the most relevant law firms in Chile, Peru and the rest of Ibero-America, covering industries such us energy, utilities, construction and real estate, mining, retail, transport, government, food, and manufacture.



Quantum of Damages
Regulator investigations
Class Actions
International Arbitrations
Investment Arbitration


María Valentina Konow V. Partner
Jorge Fantuzzi M. Partner
Juan Pablo Philippi P. Partner

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