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BRAGARD’s Litigation and Arbitration team members are specialized in different areas of practice such as procedural, administrative, civil, commercial, banking, labour, family, environment, regulatory aspects, medical mal praxis, high-cost medicines actions, relationships with the Government and international Law. We have solid reputation for major trails involving disputes among minority and majority shareholders.

We also have considerable experience in judicial and extrajudicial settlements, as well as in asset recovery and in the restructuring of companies and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our professionals are highly experienced in the recognition and execution of sentences an arbitral decisions, in both internal and international comercial arbitrations, as well as in investment arbitrations. They come from a strong academic background in which they have specialized in alternative means of dispute resolution, and they also participate actively in international forums and conferences regarding said specialty.

The Bragard litigation practice emphasizes team work and exhaustive investigation on the aspects involved in each case which determines a close relationship with our clients and enables solid business knowledge. This combination has lead to extraordinary high standards on the results of the Department and constitutes the main characteristics of Bragard's litigation practice.

We are proud to say that our litigation results highly excel average of the regular corporate firms' litigation practice.

The Department aids clients in bankruptcy cases, such as creditors, by verifying their credits. Past clients have also been given counsel when it comes to declaring bankruptcy.


Banking & Capital Markets
Company law
Litigation and Arbitration
Intermational Private Law
Administrative law
Family law
Sports & Entertainment
Real estate


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