Javier Íscar De Hoyos (Iscar Arbitraje)

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We are experts at domestic and international conflict resolution.

We practice arbitration as arbitrators, at both domestic and international levels, offering a personalized and detail-oriented service, achieving fair and appropriate agreements for the parties involved.

We are a completely independent and impartial firm, the perfect option to avoid conflicts of interest that arise when larger firms are involved.

As a boutique specialized in arbitration, we guarantee a quality service and high added value throughout the entire arbitration procedure until the award is issued.

Experts in arbitration.

We have a broad experience at domestic and international arbitration. As arbitrators, our team has always promoted alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Precise and custom arbitration.

Our aim is to generate value in each arbitration in which we take part, offering a tailored service throughout the procedure. We offer the client the peace of mind brought by being in the hands of a firm of international arbitrators who have built their reputation, case by case, through a long and successful professional career. The assurance is given by profes-sionals with years of experience in the sector and who prioritize these matters.


International Arbitration:
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Franchising and distribution


Javier Íscar de Hoyos Managing Partner
Ana Barriga Senior Associate
Sonia Hernando Office Manager
Peio Yold Marketing Manager

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