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01046-001 Rio de Janeiro
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José Carlos Vaz E Dias
Marina Castro
Savana De Castro Castilho
Thiago Lombardi


The Law firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS is specialized on intellectual property Law and Innovation Law. It has the focus on assisting businessmen, public and private companies, research centers and institutes in the protection of intangibles and providing legal support for transactions that explore intellectual knowledge and innovation.

Its activities encompass aspects to the protection of inventions by patents and utility models, to the registration of industrial design, plant varieties, semiconductors, trademarks, domain names, copyright and their efficacy in the Brazilian territory and overseas. Yet, our activities relate to the implementation of confidentiality policies for the protection of secret information, commercial pledge of intellectual rights, patent and trademark assignment, technology transfer and licensing, franchising, copyright and entertainment Law.

One of the competitive edges of the firm is the high professional capacity and academic preparation of its professionals, that make possible to increase its services within the intellectual property field and permit a comprehensive intersection between different Law fields and the use of legal developments that are supported by court actions for securing the intangible or finding legal solutions for the conflicts.

Therefore, the Law firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS holds in its professional team engineers, pharmacists, biotechnologist and attorneys holding postgraduate studies, masters, doctorate, besides the acknowledged experience for over 15 years.


  • Protection of trade names

  • Elaboration of franchising agreements, distribution and agency contracts

  • Plant variety protection and patent protection of biotechnology inventions

  • Protection of trademarks, distinctive signs and non-traditional trademarks

  • Court action procedures for the enforcement of intellectual property rights

  • Freedom to Operate (FT0), Patent Infringement Search and patent availability search and report

  • Protection of technological invention and industrial design, including filing of patents, utility models, industrial design, topographies and software

  • Protection of intellectual works by copyright at the National Library, School of Arts and other agencies that assist to reinforce proprietary rights

  • Assist our clients on complying with Biodiversity Law (13.123/15) and access to genetic heritage, on the protection and access to associated traditional knowledge and on the sharing of benefits for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

  • Negotiations and elaboration of technology alliance strategies by means of Research and Development Agreement, partnership agreements between companies and universities for the promotion of innovation, technology transfer agreements and others contracts t

  • Elaboration of commercial agreements applicable to startups, such as Vesting Agreements, Cliff Agreements and crowdfunding/crowdsourcing


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