Tofic Simantob, Perez, José e Ortiz

Rua Groenlândia, 146
01434-000 São Paulo
Display phone number +55 11 3101-0680
Fábio Tofic Simantob
Débora Perez Dias
Maria Jamile José
Mariana Tranchesi Ortiz


Tofic Simantob, Perez, José e Ortiz is a Law firm that specializes in Criminal Law and is well-known by its performance in the area of Economic Criminal Law. It remains loyal, however, to its long-lasting commitment of treating criminal lawyering as a social cause.

According to the Brazilian author Rui Barbosa, “there is no defendant unworthy of defense”. Abiding by this principle for more than a decade, Tofic Simantob has dedicated part of its resources to pro bono work, especially to the defense of low-income defendants charged with murder, as a result of an agreement celebrated between the Institute for the Defense of the Rights of Defense (IDDD) and the Office of Public Defenders of the State of São Paulo.

Tofic Simantob, Perez, José e Ortiz is a result of its founding partner’s almost two decades of work in the area of criminal Law, punctuated by his experiences in the country’s most renowned practices. Currently, the firm is nationally sought after, in order to address a number of issues involving criminal matters.


  • Criminal Law

  • Corporate Criminal Law

  • Economic and Financial Criminal Law

  • White Collar Crime

  • Compliance