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 Therium is a leading global provider of litigation finance and has been funding litigation and arbitra­tion in the United States since 2010. It was the first European funder to launch a permanent pres­ence in the U.S. when it opened in New York, in 2016. Since then, Therium has funded more than $10.2 billion worth of litigation and arbitration claims in the U.S., as well as claims for U.S. clients in various jurisdictions such as the UK, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa and Australia.

Therium’s U.S. operations include a full-time investment team in New York, supported by the broad­er Therium team internationally, which includes senior members of the firm in London (who are also represented on the U.S. Investment Committee) and the corporate headquarters in Jersey, Chan­nel Islands. The U.S. team actively participates in discussion on the law and practice of litigation finance both amongst their peer firms in the U.S. and also at a policy level amongst academics and the U.S. judiciary. With respect to Therium’s U.S. based investments, origination, negotiation of terms, due diligence, documentation and case management are all undertaken from the U.S.

Therium has established a global track record of success in litigation finance in all forms, including single case litigation and arbitration funding, funding law firms, and funding portfolios of litigation and arbitration claims. Unlike some of its peers, Therium’s U.S. activities focus both on portfolio funding to law firms and also single case funding, leveraging Therium’s experience in this technique in the UK and elsewhere. This funding is provided both into U.S. litigation and arbitral matters enabling Therium to work with many top tier U.S. law firms and arbitration practices that may not typically offer full contingency fee arrangements with clients.

This track record enabled the firm to raise the then single largest investment into litigation finance of £200 million in 2015. Having deployed that investment fully by the end of 2017, in February 2018, Therium announced the first close of its next major fundraise of £200 million with a further round expected in 2019.

In November 2018 Therium won an award for Insolvency Funder of the Year at the Turnaround, Restructuring and Insolvency Awards, in recognition of its funding activity in insolvency across multiple jurisdictions including in the U.S. Further, Therium’s US CEO was recently named by Law Dragon Magazine as one of the “100 Leading Legal Consultants and Strategists of 2018.”


• Companies and institutions
• Individuals and groups
• Law firms
• Accountants
• Trustees
• Public bodies
• Charities


• St. Helier, Jersey
• London, United Kingdom
• New York, United States
• Dusseldorf, Germany
• Oslo, Norway
• Melbourne, Australia


  • Single case client financing

  • Arbitration funding

  • Portfolio funding with law firms

  • Law firm funding

  • Corporate financing

  • Judgment monetization

  • Acquisition financing

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