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Baudoin Paquot
Jérôme Terfve
Sabrina Scarnà
Caroline Botman
Cécile Matton
Arnaud Van Grambezen


Set up in 2012, Tetra Law has swiftly developed into an important player based on the following fundamental foundations:

Enterprise: our clients expect legal services that bring added value to their own business. As an integrated firm, we’re the idela choice to provide pragmatic advice from which the solutions make a direct contribution to our clients’ development.

Synergy: To achieve this goal, Tetra Law’s various firm members work in close collaboration free from any form of partitioning, which would serve no purpose. The solutions they devise are v-based on expertise in a number of domains, each of which supports and reinforces the others.

Passion: Tetra Law demands a high level of involvement by its members in their subject area and a will to achieve excellence in the practice of their profession, in the service of their clients.

Our corporate and corporate tax department is a clear example of how Tetra Law’s core values applies to offer high added value services to our client. We have built our organization on the existing synergies between the two matters. Our abilities to tackle both transactional and tax issues within the same team and at same time allow our clients to cut better and faster deal.

The Partners have a high experience in corporate and corporate tax, which allows to consider the two subjects together and to offer customers a concrete and complete solution.


  • Corporate and M&A

    • Acquisitions and transfers of companies 
    • IPOs, public take-over bids, etc.
    • Company incorporations
    • Shareholders’ agreements
    • Board of management and executive committee
    • Disputes between shareholders
    • Directors’ liability
    • Banking and finance law
    • Relations with market regulators
  • Corporate and Business Tax

    • Corporation tax
    • International tax law
    • Corporate reorganisations
    • Taxation of real estate
    • ...
  • Personal and Private Tax

    • Wealth planning
    • Business succession
    • Insurance policies
    • ...
  • Labour

    • Employment contracts
    • Management companies
    • Corporate reorganisations
    • ...
  • Tax litigation - White Collar

    • Tax and social security corrections
    • Compliance
    • ...


  • Baudouin Paquot Partner, Corporate and Business Tax, Corporate and M&A, Labour, Tax litigation
  • Jérôme Terfve Partner, Corporate and Business Tax, Corporate and M&A
  • Sabrina Scarnà Partner, Personal and Privale Tax, Tax litigation, White Collar
  • Caroline Botman Lawyer, Corporate and M&A
  • Cécile Matton Lawyer, Corporate and M&A
  • Arnaud Van Grambezen Lawyer, Corporate and M&A

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