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SUGIMURA is committed to providing comprehensive and integrated solutions which meet our clients’ needs in all areas of intellectual property law. Our services encompass enforcement (expert opinion, pre-litigation and litigation), licensing, R&D contracts, strategic IP portfolio review and advice, and branding. Moreover, our expertise extends to adjacent fields, such as trade secret, information technology, privacy, and entertainment law.

SUGIMURA is widely recognized as one of the top law firms for handling procedures before the Japanese Patent Office (JPO). SUGIMURA has significant experience in all areas of practice before the JPO, with particular expertise in the prosecution of patents, trademarks, and designs.

Our attorneys possess significant experience in providing legal advice to international clients concerning IP rights in Japan and often consult on the important differences in Japanese IP law from clients’ domestic IP laws, application and enforcement procedures, and infringement suit representation. Through our multilingual teams at SUGIMURA, our attorneys are able to meet with foreign clients regularly to develop IP strategies that meet the client’s business goals, discuss intricate technical and legal issues, and give tutorials on Japanese IP practice.


  • Practice before JPO

    • Counseling and Opinion Work
    • Licensing and IP Transactions
    • IP Searches
    • IP Due Diligence
    • Technical Translation


  • Patents: jpatent@sugimura.partner
  • Trademarks: tm@sugimura.partner
  • Design: design@sugimura.partner
  • Legal: legal@sugimura.partner

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