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Silvio Simonaggio
Márcio Grigorio Santana
Juliana Baggio Inácio
Alex Sandro De Sales Alexandre
Marcelo Soares
Patricia Fuchs Rodrigues


In the Market for more than four decades, Simonaggio Certeza Técnica is the pioneer on developing forensic investigation in Brazil, becoming the standard reference in the art of investigating and clarifying facts from the accounting and economic point of view, as well as defining precisely tributary subjects.

The concept of Certeza Técnica (Technical accuracy) is associated to the brand in order to emphasize the specialization regarding the development of technical proves aiming the conflicts resolution, especially in arbitration. This brand was also refined aiming the support for business management, clarification of technical themes in the Judiciary and certifying with quality credits for investors.

Simonaggio develops a complete and highly qualified staff, which’s qualification is provided internally through direct training and courses regarding specific technical subjects validated by the Conselho Federal de Contabilidade (CFC). Those professionals stand out in the market for it’s personal efficiency, transmitting the image of consistency of Simonaggio’s knowledge standards.

Committed to provide reliability to the clients and enrich their own professionals, Simonaggio Certeza Técnica is the standard on responsible diagnosis, enlightenment, strategy and action. The company believes that this achievement emerges everyday by the search of each technical subject’s absolute knowledge that is renewed by every new service provided.


  • Accounting, Economic and Tributary Forensic Assessment

  • Evidence strategy and conduction of the evidence produced in arbitration

  • Evidence strategy and technical assistance in judicial process

  • Accounting and economic forensic assessment for business management

  • Technical analysis for the management of accounting and tributary subjects

  • Technical Opinion regarding accounting and economics subjects

  • Special Technical Reports aiming conflicts resolution