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04571-150 São Paulo
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Ricardo Ranzolin
Ricardo Leal De Moraes
Ricardo Borges Fortes De Oliveira
Fábio De Albuquerque Silva
Eduardo Matzernbacher Zarpelon
Fernando René Graeff
Rodrigo Varini Mutti
Igor Bimkowski Rossoni
Vitor Ramos


For over 60 years Silveiro Advogados has been on the cutting edge of legal practice. Originally established in Porto Alegre, Silveiro Advogados provides high-end legal services in a variety of practice areas throughout the country. The firm has developed a recognizable culture of working hand-in-hand with clients, searching for the root of the problem and looking for solutions to meet long-term needs.

The Dispute Resolution department has 28 attorneys based in São Paulo and Porto Alegre. The team is specialized in civil procedural, corporate law, contracts, negotiation and arbitration. The firm has a 61 year record of successful litigation cases before Courts all over Brazil and using ADR methods. The practice is business-oriented and geared towards cost-effective strategies that focus on preventing litigation. The portfolio includes substantial flow of strategic corporate disputes (USD 6 billion); arbitration cases on M&A and heavy construction issues; class actions; debt collection for banks and judicial restructuring disputes.


  • Corporate Law, contracts

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Intellectual Property and Digital Law

  • Tax Law

  • Public and Administrative Law, Including Antitrust

  • Employment and Labor Law

  • Family and Succession

  • Judicial Reorganization and Bankruptcy

  • Consumer Law

  • Real Estate Law