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60170-000 Fortaleza
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Anastacio Marinho
Caio Cesar Rocha
Deborah Sales Belchior
Tiago Asfor Rocha
Wilson Sales Belchior


Rocha, Marinho e Sales is a highly qualified corporate law firm with over 900 professionals located in 12 offices across the Brazilian territory, supported by a broad network of corresponding law firms, which enables them to currently handle over 250 thousand claims distributed throughout every judicial district of the country.

With a national reputation for legal excellence, the firm represents some of the largest corporations operating in Brazil in banking, telecom, healthcare, retail and other segments, both in Large-Scale Litigation as well as in highly complex and valuable strategic matters.

In this regard, it is worth highlighting their experience and capillarity in the Northeast and in the North of the country, traditionally problematic regions for the big center firms, and their headquarters in Brasilia, with a group of very talented attorneys specialized in advocacy in Superior Courts.

Overcoming the traditional division by practice, Rocha, Marinho e Sales works through cells that are individually customized in order to reflect the internal organization of their clients, ensuring the best match between workflows. This strategy also empowers communication with the in-house legal team, ensuring a positive workplace and an efficient, client-focused service.

Keeping up with the digital transformation that all industries and companies are currently undergoing, the firm has consistently invested in a robust IT infrastructure and in the acquisition of database hosting systems in their own servers, providing security and control of information to their customers. They also created an Innovations Center, composed by a team of professionals from different fields of expertise, to help developing creative business solutions for the firm and their clients.


  • Advocacy in Superior Courts

  • Banking and Finance

  • Bankruptcy

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Contracts

  • Corporate Criminal Defense

  • Corporate Law

  • Credit Recovery

  • Electric Energy

  • Environmental Law

  • Health

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

  • Labor and Employment Law

  • Large-scale Consumer Litigation

  • Public and Regulatory

  • Tax Law

  • Telecommunications