Alameda Santos, 1978 - 8º andar
01418-200 São Paulo
Display phone number +55 11 3174-0200
Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella
Antonio Galvão Peres
Juliana Scalissi Martins Gaspar
Flávio De Sena Volpon
Thaís De Menezes
Camila Colombo Caldorin Vetorazzo
Vanessa Rodrigues Peres Braz


ROBORTELLA E PERES SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS is the new corporate name for Robortella Advogados, a firm practicing primarily in corporate labor law since 1975. Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella and Antonio Galvão Peres have the title of Ph.D. in Labor Law from the University of São Paulo, also acting as professors, delegates and speakers in national and international events.

The firm practices exclusively in medium and high complexity in strategic consulting and litigation. Said focus constitutes the essence of the firm’s
strategic planning: high-level team, legal culture, experience, dedication,
dynamism, management, and quality of service.

We offer our services in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.


  • Urgency measures, such as court orders, interlocutory relief and writ of mandamus

  • Lawsuits and defense in Labor Courts, in all its levels of jurisdiction

  • Working directly with the Superior Labor Court and The Supreme Federal Court in the capital city of Brasília

  • Strike, legal and economic collective bargaining agreements

  • Union law conflicts (representation, contributions)

  • Union civil liability and company civil liability issues

  • Lawsuits involving material loss and pain and suffering

  • Company and shareholder assets defense in executions

  • Conflicts resulting from the shock of legal regimes in privatizations or transfer of control

  • Private pension and supplementary system issues

  • Civil servants labor suits

  • Roundtables and meetings with the Ministry of Labor and Employment

  • Defense of Notice of Violation issued by labor inspectors

  • Defense with municipal, state and federal government agencies, including the Public Prosecution of Labor

  • Opinions on labor, social security and supplementary legislation

  • Studies to improve the labor relations standard in companies

  • Flexibility mechanisms, such as specific term labor agreements, atypical agreements, overtime hour’s bank and temporary agreement suspension

  • Assembly of profit sharing systems for employees

  • Feasibility of non-salary retribution, including stock option plans

  • Creating the framework for incentivized collective termination, with or without settlement

  • Labor agreements minutes for expats, reconciling guaranteed rights by specific legislation, in addition to obtaining a visa

  • Civil or commercial type activities agreement minutes, such as services rental, work by the job and commercial representation

  • Outsourcing processes analysis and risk mitigation

  • Labor cooperatives establishment, including drafting organizational documents

  • Acquisitions or due diligence audits

  • Human resources legality control audit

  • Initiate investigation and monitor inquiries and internal investigations to ascertain irregular employee behavior and severe failures


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