Chadwick & Reymond

El Golf 40, oficina 603, Las Condes Santiago
7550107 Santiago de Chile
Display phone number (562) 2 441-6300
Alfonso Reymond Larraín
Herman Chadwick Piñera
Rodrigo Riquelme
Camilo Silva Correa
Diego Fuentes González
Ignacio Vargas Roco
Felipe Duhalde Vera
César Pérez Burgos


With its roots in one of the country’s most traditional and long-established law firms, founded in 1875 as Aldunate & Associates Attorneys. Chadwick & Reymond has vast experience advising both local and foreign companies on litigation, trials, arbitrations, mediations and dispute resolution matters. Particularly, Chadwick & Reymond is considered a ‘boutique’ law firm in the field of disputes resolution in areas related to infrastructure, construction, public works and mining concessions, in both public and private areas.

Infrastructure, Construction & Projects:

Chadwick & Reymond has wide experience in this area of practice in Chile. Through the years, local and international corporations have relied on the firm for advice on all subjects and fields related to this area. Alfonso Reymond Larraín, Rodrigo Riquelme Yañez and Camilo Silva Correa lead a highly specialised team positioned in construction, private and public infrastructure, arbitrations, litigations and mediations on those areas.

Arbitrations, Litigations & Mediations:

Chadwick & Reymond is a recognised expert in all aspects related to this specialty. Led by Alfonso Reymond Larraín, Herman Chadwick Piñera and Rodrigo Riquelme Yañez the firm has a long record advising local and foreign clients in areas such as arbitrations, litigations, mediations and dispute settlements; considering subjects such as free competition, industrial property, civil and commercial law, tax, infrastructure, construction, concessions of public works, telecommunications, energy and natural resources.

Concessions of Public Works:

The firm has advised on various infrastructure projects in the country, advising both national and international concessionaires and construction companies in various aspects involved in public infrastructure concessions, as well as risk assessment in tendering, financing, construction and operation of projects. Led by Alfonso Reymond Larraín

Public :

Chadwick & Reymond advices companies in the infrastructure and concession public work with public litigation before the Constitutional Court. Led by Rodrigo Riquelme Yáñez.


  • Arbitrations

  • Litigations

  • Projects

  • Public Law

  • Construction

  • White-Collar & Securites Litigation