Rahal, Carnelós e Vargas do Amaral Advogados

R. Hungria, 620
01455-000 São Paulo
Display phone number +55 11 3092-7299
Flávia Rahal Bresser Pereira
Guilherme Ziliani Carnelós
Camila Austregesilo Vargas Do Amaral


The firm is specialized in Criminal Law, providing litigation and advisory services throughout Brazil.

The firm stands out for the high quality of the work developed, which results from the lawyers’ experience in a considerable number of criminal cases, as well as from their concise structure that offers customized services, always having two of the partners working jointly with the other lawyers in every case.

The broad experience in the area coupled with the never-stopping legal updating of all its lawyers – also in other criminal law-related areas –, allows the firm to make judicious assessments of the scenarios of claims, conducting them in the safest and most effective way possible.

The strict confidentiality between client and lawyers is another commitment of the firm, also known by its discretion in conducting cases, especially those with far reaching repercussion.

Before establishing this law firm, the three partners had worked together for more than a decade at Malheiros Filho, Camargo Lima and Rahal Advogados, one of the most prestigious law firms at that time in Brazil, where Flávia Rahal was a partner for more than 16 years. The affinity arising from this joint experience is directly reflected on the team and its results.

Their old relationship, based on how clients are cared for and on the assumption that every work must be developed with excellence, ensures a strict and safe performance, in a close, long-lasting and trustworthy relationship of partners, lawyers and clients.


  • Preventive consultancy services

  • Business crimes

  • Crimes against the Brazilian financial system and capital markets

  • Crimes against the tax system and against the social security system

  • Money laundering

  • Corporate crimes

  • Antitrust and intellectual property crimes

  • Crimes against property

  • Crimes against consumers’ interests

  • Environmental crimes

  • Crimes against government institutions

  • Electoral crimes

  • Crimes practiced by electronic means

  • Crimes against life

  • Defamation

  • Crimes against labor rights and labor organization

  • Traffic crimes