Av. Presidente Riesco 5561 Oficina 1004, Las Condes
- Santiago de Chile
Display phone number +56 22245 6850
Esteban Ovalle
José Tomás Bulnes


Founded in 2010, OVALLE & BULNES ABOGADOS is a law firm exclusively focused on representing domestic and foreign clients in complex arbitration and litigation, preventive analysis of legal contingencies and alternative dispute resolution. Currently, Ovalle & Bulnes Abogados in one of Chile’s most prestigious boutique law firms in litigation and arbitration.

Its partners are a consolidated team and some of them have more than 25 years of experience. Since the firm was founded they have had to intervene in matters of the most diverse nature, specializing in highly complex conflicts.

The firm provides each of its clients with an integral, strategic and personalized advisory service, with the participation of at least one of its partners in each case.

Its services are aimed at offering solutions which are creative but also aware of the clients’ needs, applying the highest ethical and professional quality standards.

They have a long track record in litigation in matters such as securities markets, telecommunications, large engineering works, intellectual property, corporate disputes, termination of commercial and/or technical relationships, public contracting and enforcement of foreign judgments, class-action, antitrust, unfair competition, breach of contract and tackling business crime, among others.


  • Litigation

  • Civil and Commercial Lawsuits

  • National and International Arbitration

  • Construction Lawsuits

  • Antitrust

  • Competition

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