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The firm was founded as Ovalle y Compañía in 1963, by Jorge Ovalle Quiroz, a well-known constitutional lawyer. Since then, we have developed and evolved, focusing on professional precision under a strategic view, with the objectivity and closeness of an advisor. Currently our firm mainly focuses in corporate, insurance, tax, real estate, labor law and civil litigation. 


The Corporate Area is central to our services. This area coordinates the work of different fields of specialization to satisfy the needs of clients in various industries with the depth and reality that business requires today. 

The impacts of development and more specific regulation requires an ongoing search for solutions and alternatives to a wide variety of challenges. It is indispensable to have an advisor who can respond quickly and directly. 

Some of the main services provided by this area are: Mergers and Acquisitions, reorganizations and legal representation. 


The Tax Area provides expert counseling to accompany each client in all stages of the business so as to achieve an efficient tax management while ensuring compliance with the law at all times.

Some of the main services offered by this area are preparation of legal opinions, review of expenses and supporting documentation, and specialized counseling in the review and drafting of corporate structures, contracts and, generally, tax impacts in any type of transaction. 

This service also includes accompanying clients at all times during tax audits in order to reduce potential disputes in the administrative stage or to file appeals before the relevant courts. 

The firm has ample experience in international taxation, both foreign investment in Chile and Chilean investment abroad. This knowledge is complemented by collaborative work with attorneys in the United States, Europe and Asia. In each case, the effects of additional taxation applicable on remittances abroad are analyzed, together with the applicability of double taxation treaties, the taxation in Chile of passive income held abroad, and the deduction of foreign taxes on local income tax.


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