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Flavia Mansur Murad
Adriano Mesquita Carneiro
Herminia Leitão Mendes
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Natalia Eleutério Garcia
Isadora Schumacher Schlindwein
Carisia Baldioti Salles Vidal


Established in 2006 and with a team of intellectual property experts, Mansur Murad Advogados / MURAD PMA Intellectual Property handles and coordinates intellectual property prosecution and litigation services in Brazil and Latin America, including trademarks, patents, software, design, copyrights, trade secrets, technology transfer and licensing; anti-counterfeiting, domain names and creation and innovation in general. With regards to new technologies, our team is prepared to handle platform business models, regulatory issues regarding digital matters,
related contract and compliance.

We are known for performing active management of important national and international portfolios in Brazil and abroad. We focus in the food and beverage, real estate, financial, innovation and technology companies (including AI, machine learning, robots and new incumbents) as well as fashion retail industry in brand management, anti-counterfeiting, design and patent protection. We manage trademark portfolio with objectivity and focus on the client’s business, which maximizes the protection of intangible assets and includes them on a better business and commercial scenario. Moreover, we have three desks for international matters, handle by professionals with experience in foreign universities, capable of speaking and discussing important matters in foreign languages. They represent three international groups: French, Spanish and English desks, with unique cultures and work

In the field of digital law, we have a special team prepared to handle all matters related to cyber infringement, whether to trademarks or copyright, data protection, and dealing with the new LGPD (new data privacy law). We offer a range of services, such as notices and take downs on IP infringements, review of contracts and data privacy policies; strategies for the collection of data and transparency on the company to create new business culture; and risk evaluation on personal data.

In the field of fashion law, we provide clients with advice based on deep knowledge on the fashion industry with a special team ready to answer for this matter. We are present in virtually all fashion related events (Brazilian entities and INTA) and building a solid reputation as lawyers capable of providing tailor made and accurate advice for the players in this market. Moreover, we have a platform MORE Brands & Fashion to make available information and latest news of the fashion industry and perks of the law.

We also have a special expertise of handling international trademark portfolios not only for Brazilian clients, but also for foreign companies that choose us to handle all their global filings. We have been annually been listed, since 2009, as part of the select list of one of the most admired law firms in Brazil, according to local publications.


  • Trademarks

  • Industrial Designs

  • Copyright and Neighborhood Rights

  • Software

  • Patents

  • Domain Names

  • Counterfeiting

  • Trade Secrets

  • Technology Transfer and Franchise

  • Unfair Competition

  • Digital Law

  • Fashion Law

  • Data Privacy