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Ramiro Moreno Baldivieso
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Gabriel Patent & Trademark Office is the Intellectual Property office of Moreno Baldivieso Estudio de Abogados, a full-service law firm located in Bolivia with more than 87 years of experience in Intellectual Property. Today, our firm is considered the largest law firm in the country, having offices in 4 major cities in Bolivia.
Knowledge is frequently the difference between success and failure in the Bolivian market, understanding the local market and local legal procedures is one of the core elements of our firm. Nonetheless, our work involves actively examining and adapting to the ever-changing provisions that govern IP rights globally. Having an understanding of the global and local legal norms and regulations is paramount, our team centers on having GLOCAL mindset. 
Our team is trusted with acquiring and maintaining intellectual property rights for our clients, their compliance and defending them in the event of oppositions and infringement. Our team specializes in providing legal advice, strategic branding approaches, portfolio management, trademark enforcement and providing a mechanism for handling infringement, piracy, and unauthorized use.
Our firm’s platform is designed around a cross-functional group of attorneys, patent agents, and other professionals, aimed to care for all of our clients’ intellectual property needs. Our attorneys handle the most complex Intellectual Property issues facing a large array of companies in a variety of industries; food and beverage, sports and entertainment, mining, medical devices, pharmaceutical, chemical, software, and a variety of other high tech industries. We specialize in providing strategic intellectual property and technology solutions for clients from more than 70 countries worldwide. 

We’re a cutting edge practice with home grown values. At our firm, we get to know each and every one of the persons we work with. We practice full disclosure and price transparency; when prices become clearer to everyone involved, the value of our service also comes into sharper focus. We still believe in the bond created by a hand shake and the commitment we forge with the people we work with.


  • Business

    Founded in 1931, MORENO BALDIVIESO is the Bolivian law firm that has received the most international recognition, attributable to the quality of the specialized counsel it provides to national and foreign clients in the different areas of corporate law. 

    We boast a multidisciplinary team of 41 lawyers, recognized in Bolivia, holding national and international degrees, with post graduate studies from some of the most prestigious universities around the world. Our team of professionals is fluent in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.

    Our expertise has provided us with the opportunity to take part in the most important and complex business operations conducted in the Bolivian market. We are proud to represent multinational companies, international organizations as well as local companies, in the successful development of their projects. A diverse range of legal rankings support our professional trajectory and have widely recognized our leading position in the legal sector of the country.

    • Arbitration
    • Administrative and Regulatory
    • Agro-Industry
    • Banking and Finance
    • International Trade
    • Construction and Engineering
    • Corporate and M&A
    • Energy
    • Labor and Social Security
    • Environmental
    • Capital Market
    • Mining
    • Insurance
    • Telecommunications
    • Tax

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