Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3064, 11st floor
01451-000 São Paulo
Display phone number +55 11 4883-8750
Ricardo Madrona
José Luis Camargo Jr.
Juliano Rotoli Okawa
Igor Nascimento De Souza
Rosane Menezes Lohbauer
Marcelo Cosac
Milena Coimbra Mazzini
Danilo Mininel
Eduardo M. Gaban
João Carlos Toledo
Eduardo Tristão
Nair Veras Saldanha
Luciana Renouard
Priscilla Carbone
Rodrigo Machado


Promoting an ethical environment in business and investing in training people are two of the great challenges of our time. An increasingly integrated world, with ever more advanced technologies, requires that any organization stand for transparency, tolerance for diversity, and respect for differences, companies, and people. Madrona Advogados was launched with that spirit.

With a focus on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial law, and infrastructure, in addition to a strong performance in tax, real estate, civil litigation, and labor law, our motivation is to understand our time, invest in people, and work so that our clients reach their goals, always with ethics and responsibility. With a team of more than ninety legal professionals with great experience and recommended by several national and international publications, the members of Madrona Advogados are aligned with the principles and objectives that we set out to achieve.

We want to be among the most admired firms and seek to be a reference to our peers, associates, and employees. Our greatest challenge is to grow sustainably, keeping our focus on our team’s high technical quality and ethical standards – provide our clients with excellent service is the outcome.


  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Corporate

  • Contracts

  • Corporate governance

  • Succession and estate planning

  • Banking and finance

  • Capital market

  • Infrastructure, regulatory and public law

  • Energy

  • Environmental law

  • Project finance

  • Tax law

  • Real estate

  • Civil litigation

  • Mediation and arbitration

  • Credit recovery, bankruptcy, and reorganization

  • Antitrust & competition law

  • Agribusiness

  • Labor law

  • Compliance

  • Intellectual property

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