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05001-100 São Paulo
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Celso Umberto Luchesi
Antonio Carlos De Oliveira Freitas
Guilherme Fernandes Gardelin
Ellen Carolina Silva


LUCHESI ADVOGADOS, whose main place of business is São Paulo, has operated since 1991, providing top quality corporate law services to both national and international companies being distinguished in the agribusiness area.

In this area the firm has highly specialized teams, whether for conducting strategic litigation lawsuits, as in the legal advice of the various legal relationships that involve this area.

LUCHESI ADVOGADOS currently relies on a team of approximately 80 professionals which includes attorneys, interns, administrative and finance staff.

The firm has a number of offices in Brazil: Goiania/GO, Barreiras/BA and Rondonopolis/MT in order to provide more expedite services at a lower cost to its clients. This is thanks to massive investments the firm made throughout the years to its own structures, in strategic locations, both by establishing offices as well as relying on professionals that are part of its legal structure who work on a home offices basis at the following locations: Passo Fundo/RS, Uberlandia/MG, Luis Eduardo Magalhães/BA. This office network around Brazil has allowed a more intense operation in many different services in the agrobusiness area.


  • Strategic litigation, credit recovery and real estate lawsuits

  • Back-office services - analysis and preparation of agreements, drafting, adaptation and validation of credit documents related to guarantees and barter transactions

  • Capital Market - structured capital market operations in the agribusiness area, especially those related to the Agribusiness Receivables Certificates

  • Digital law and the new General Data Protection Act.


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