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As an intellectual property consulting firm, IP Trust is dedicated to helping its clients protect and add value to their innovations.

With its team of engineers experienced in the va­ rious sectors of industry and technology (engineering sciences, life sciences, ICT, chemicals, energy, etc.) and its range of expertise in economics and IP strategy, IP Trust is convinced that strategy IP management can play a vital role in serving its clients’ business strategies.

Aware of budget constraints, IP Trust has adopted an organization and an information system that promotes an interactive relationship with its clients and a streamlined approach to IP portfolio management.

Attuned to the development of collaborative innovation, IP Trust has developed a specific expertise in the IP management of collaborative projects.

The “IP TRUST” signature lies in the quality of its services, its capacity to understand its clients’ core issues and its determination to obtain the best possible results.

The mark of IP TRUST ‘s professionals lies in their ability to recognize the human dimension of relationships with inventors and with its clients considered as business partners.



  • Protecting inventions

  • IP strategy consulting

  • Audits and due diligence

  • IPR valuations

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